Where Giv COFFEE Gives (Part 2 of 2)

In part one of this series I discussed how we at Giv COFFEE actually give.  In this part of the series I will describe where we recently gave money.

Working to bring freedom into the lives of Thai children working on the streets

First of all, A HUGE THANKS to anyone who has purchased a bag of coffee from us during the months of February through August!  Your purchase will help change lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2009, Emily and I, (Jeff), traveled to Bangkok, Thailand where we served for four months with an organization called Word Made Flesh.  We were blessed with the opportunity to work beside Tim and Amy Hupe who have been giving of themselves in Thailand for almost 5 years!  While there, we developed relationships with families that begged on the streets in the red light district.  For the most part it was a ministry of simply being.  The problems were so big it absolutely broke our hearts.  The depth of emotional and physical suffering was almost unbearable to even just be near.

Our friends working in Thailand with at risk street kids.  (Here they are pictured at their golf marathon where they raise funds each summer).

When we returned home these stories would not leave us.  This work in Thailand played a big part in our decision to try and use coffee as a means of advocacy.  So, we are glad to be able to support Tim and Amy’s continued work with the money from the bag sales.

$1,600 from bag sales will go toward the development of a new community center that Tim and Amy have been led to start right in the downtown area of Bangkok.

“(The center) is walking distance to (the red light district) and near a lower-income community where a bunch of the kids live.  The center will be used for office space, urban garden (already learning about the soil and doing a bit of planting- mostly herbs for now, but we did plant a few mango trees), school,  (and) creative counseling.” –Tim Hupe.

A nearby street to the community center location

As you might imagine, a center like this will have costs and the money from the coffee will help to cover these.  The children and families from the streets will now have an opportunity to recover safely from the work that they are involved in every day.  They will have the chance to be kids, to be freed from the weight of oppression, if only for a moment.   And, in that moment they will be able to experience the joy and peace that they were made for.  Beautiful.

The following link brings you to a video made recently by Tim and Amy about their work in Thailand:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/17mumgh99asgv5a/I%20am%20a%20Seed%20Video.m4v

If you are moved by this work you can learn more and give more at: http://www.wordmadeflesh.com


How Giv COFFEE Gives

$2 Per Bag Goes to Those in Need!

This blog is the first of two parts.  In this first part I will discuss how we give at Giv COFFEE.  In the next post I will discuss in more detail the recent work of compassion we supported with your help: Word Made Flesh, Thailand.

Emily and I (Jeff) embarked on this adventure of roasting and selling good coffee that supports good causes last year around Christmas.   At first we gave all of the money we earned except for what covered costs (green coffee costs and bag costs).  It was experimental and the turn out was so good that we decided to continue but we also decided to try to make the idea one that could be sustainable.  In order to continue in our mission and still be sustainable we changed our giving model to $2 per bag.  This allowed us to cover costs and put some money back into the growth of the business.  This experiment has also proved successful with your help!  This past August we were able to give $1,600 (that’s a lot of bags!!!) to an organization called Word Made Flesh that works against all forms of human slavery in Bangkok, Thailand, which is one of the global centers for such dehumanizing activities.

What’s next then?  More.  We feel that we are genuinely “scratching the surface” of what could be done.  We are committed to seeing more people drinking good coffee and therefore more positive change occurring in the world.  For the next round of giving we will still give $2 per bag and we are envisioning having a special Christmas package, but that is still in the works.   So, stay tuned.  We want you to be on this adventure with us because it is through your intentional purchases that this all works.  Thank you again and God Bless!


New Coffee #2: Costa Rica Tarrazu, La Candelilla Estate

Opening New Green Beans

New Green Beans; Always an Exciting Experience…

La Candelilla Estate is set at 4,500+ feet in the mountainous region of Costa Rica known as Tarrazu.  The estate is composed of several smaller farm units that grow different varietals of coffee.  This coffee comes from the Santiago farm, which is unique because it

Ricardo from La Candelilla Estate

grows a varietal called “Bourbon” (pronounced in the coffee world: burr-bone).  Bourbon is one of the first derivatives of the original Ethiopian Arabica plants.  The flavor profile it produces is intense and complex, with great acidity that carries fruit and other flavors very well.  You might be thinking, “Why isn’t all coffee in Costa Rica Bourbon?”  The answer is that it is has a much lower yield and is more difficult to harvest compared to the squatty, dwarf like, newer varietals.  These newer varietals lack some of the complexity and intensity that Bourbon has.  So, all that to say, this is a special coffee and we are pumped to have it around for a while.  As far as taste notes, there is fairly distinct lemon carried by a balanced acidity, the body is thick and creamy in texture, and the finish is smooth and long.  In order to maintain the acidity and fruit notes while not sacrificing body, this coffee is roasted medium/light.  Enjoy!

New Coffee #1: Bolivia, Siete Estrellas

Coffee Tasting with Invalsa in Boston, MA


Coffee Tasting…Doing Research to Find the Best Green Beans to Buy!

We have begun to work with an importer in the Boston area who is from Bolivia.  This is very exciting to us because it means that he not only knows the coffee growing regions very well but also because he cares more about the well being of the country’s coffee farmers.  He also has a brother who still lives in Bolivia, allowing them to stay on top of production and quality.  All of these things mean a better tasting cup for you and a better life for the farmers.  As far as what the cup tastes like, Bolivia is typically known for mild gentle cup profile, but this coffee is far from mild.  The acidity dances on the tongue and delivers complex flavors in a very unique way.  It’s a great wake up cup for the morning!  The following link goes to a video about the “Siete Estrellas” region.  It is really well done and gives a better idea of what coffee farms are like.  Check it out.



Two Exciting New Coffees!!

In our constant search for new coffees that are distinct and special we are excited to have found two new coffees.  One is from little known (in the American coffee drinking world at least) Bolivia, and the other is from the much better known (due to its incredible tourism opportunities) Costa Rica.  In the next two blog posts I will be going into more detail on the countries of origin and the coffees themselves.  For the time being these coffees will  replace Guatemala and Peru.  So it’s sad to say good-bye for a while but I am convinced that you wont be disappointed with what’s to come!


Three New Places to Buy Giv COFFEE!

We are happy to say that there are three new places that have decided to sell our coffee!  They are as follows:

Collinsville Baking Company, Pine Meadow, CT

Rosedale Farms & Vineyards, Simsbury, CT

March Farms, Bethlehem, CT

Stop in, buy a bag, and check out all the wonderful products that these places have to offer as well!

Giv COFFEE’S First Farmer’s Market!

The market must go on!  Despite the pouring rain this morning, we had our first farmer’s market in Torrington.  Those that braved the rain were rewarded with delicious Giv COFFEE!  We look forward to selling both bags and brewed cups of coffee through October at the Torrington, Simsbury and Burlington markets.  Bags are for sale for $7 per bag, or 4 for $25.  Cups of coffee for $2.00.  Come out and enjoy some, and remember Giv COFFEE helps those in need!  Currently we are giving $2 from each purchased bag to an organization in Thailand that works with street children, a group we worked with in the past; they’re really doing amazing work.  Peace and Good Coffee to all…!